Benn Jordan

Composer + Producer

Benn Jordan

Composer + Producer


I am Benn. I am a composer. I also record and perform music as The Flashbulb.


This Is What I Do:

Music Composition

  • Diverse set of writing skills in many genres, highly focused on thematic melody.
  • Experience ranging from quick turnover television spots to long term projects with film and games.
  • Experience writing for complete orchestras and unusual, ethnic instruments.

Studio Production

  • Customized, state of the art recording, mixing, and mastering facility.
  • Hundreds of instruments and the perfect microphones to record them.
  • Fully featured video editing, motion graphics, and 3D animation servers that can work in unison with other areas of post-production.


  • 20 TB datacenter filled with personally recorded sound design, custom sample libraries, and unique software.
  • Outboard gear ranging from vintage modular synthesizers to custom made Arduino controllers and Linux workstations.
  • A deep understanding of software development and the future of interactive applications of music.


Film, Advertising, Production

Audio + Video Television Show All


Music Cues


Cannes Lions Grand Prix  3x Gold
Cannes Lions   Bronze
Epica Awards  Epica D’Or
Clio Awards  Silver
London International Award  Grand Prize
The One Show  Gold
D&AD Awards  Grand Prize In Viral Films
NYC International Awards In All Media  Bronze

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